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Brand new to this, but I will be changing the website here and there so it does not look so dull with very little to no design in mind.

Amazing breakthrough for Skyrim Romance

The team that has brought forth Skyrim Romance mod, has re-done the mechanics, the costumes, the characters… A complete overhaul of the original mod and the trailer that has been created is simply breath-taking, and will be featured in the RP series that I am in the midst of creating and “tweaking” if you will right now. I definitely recommend this mod to anyone wanting to “heat up” the romance for their female Dragonborn, more will be released here and there on my YouTube channel as I release certain videos with a little bit of content which will show what I have created thus far but not quite happy with the results. I will be releasing more information on both my YouTube channel and Twitter account as time goes by, but please do stop by on the official Skyrim Romance mod page and show them your support.

Encouraging Changes

As life and time passes us by, we go through moments we can be proud of as well as those moments that have humbled us when we needed it the most. Encouraging ourselves to push forward in our lives from pre-teens to the final moments as we take our last breath, every opportunity that we take or miss reflects on how we make our decisions. As a soon-to-be graduate, I wanted to take a break from the posting of the RP series I will be releasing in the near future and show how far I have come what I knew back then to what I know now from the program that Full Sail has given me the privilege to attend. I am sure that there are others who feel different from how I am at the moment, but I cannot let that affect me of how my outlook on life is and the path I have selected to walk down. Blizzard Interview  Daybreak Interview I will be trying to add the media once I have found a way to upgrade my plan so that others may see what I have created. And this to top everything off, the Logo I had created which will hopefully help me as time goes on.cropped-astara-entertainment-business-card.jpeg

Work-in-Progress of the Roleplaying Series

As of this moment, I have been looking and collecting input from some major Role-players such as GamerPoets (I will be posting a link for him once I have his approval) and Rycon Roleplays (also will be placing a link for him as well once I receive his approval). The original idea was to get the first episode out as quickly as possible, but due to not only wanting to take my time and explore the endless possibilities of what I could create then bring to life, I want to give the audience a sense of “sadness” when the first episode is release kind of like a teaser if you will. Another reason why I have not released the first episode yet is because due to family and work issues, it has been a time-cruncher because it would be rather rude and inconsiderate of me to put my work ahead of my family so that is why the series has not been shown yet.

But rest assured, I will be releasing the episode sometime in the late future once I have everything squared away and back on track. In the present, however, I will be working also on my website which is also in the works; when I say in the works, I literally mean that because since I want people out there to know what I am capable of and what I can bring to the table. Once I have settled and more information comes out, I will be letting everyone know what is going on and where I currently stand in both progress of the website and the series please stay tune as the updates will be posted over time.